Synthetic Adhesives

Paper Straw

Specifically engineered for eco-friendly paper straw production, our Paper Straw Adhesive ensures strong bonding strength and durability. It enables secure adhesion of paper layers, creating sustainable and functional paper straws for various applications.

Lamination Adhesive

Our Wet Lamination Adhesive is designed to create strong bonds between different substrates, such as paper, paperboard, and cardboard. It provides excellent adhesion for laminating applicatic in the packaging, labeling, and graphics industries, ensuring superior strength and durability.

Honeycomb adhesive

Designed specifically for cooling pad applications, Our Cooling Pad Adhesive ensures strong bonding between cooling pad layers. It exhibits excellent high-temperature resistance and delivers reliable adhesion, contributing to the efficiency and longevity of cooling pad systems.

Flap Pasting Adhesive for Corrugated Box mfg (Laminated & Non Laminated boxes)

JAMMFIX Flap Pasting Adhesive for both laminated and non laminated boxes delivers superior bonding strength and durability for multilayered packaging. Our adhesive facilitates seamless assembly of boxes, providing exceptional adhesion and enhancing their visual appeal.

Furniture Adhesive

Specially formulated for strong adhesion of Acrylic, PVC & Polycarbonate sheets to Plywood, Wood, MDF or any porous surface.