Starch Adhesives

Adhesives for Corrugated Box Manufacturing

Our Corrugation Adhesive offers exceptional bonding strength for corrugated boxes, facilitating efficient assembly and enhancing their structural integrity. This adhesive ensures reliable adhesion between corrugated layers, creating robust packaging solutions.

Adhesives for Paper Tube & Angle Board Manufacturing

Our Paper Tube & Angle Board Adhesive is specially formulated. This adhesive offers exceptional bonding capabilities, enhancing the strength and integrity of these specialized products. With our adhesive, you can trust in the reliable adhesion of paper layers, creating durable paper tubes and angle boards for various packaging and protection applications.

Adhesives for Paper Cone Manufacturing

Our Paper Cone Adhesive is meticulously crafted to cater to the precise demands of the paper cone manufacturing industry. This adhesive provides superior bonding strength, reinforcing the structural integrity of paper cones. With our adhesive, you can rely on steadfast adhesion between paper layers, resulting in stiff paper cones suitable for a wide range of applications, primarily that of textile yarn winding.